OMG: Man Kills His Daughter A Day To Her Wedding (Read His Reasons)

Anambra State police command has arrested the man that stabbed his daughter to death in her sleep, last week, in Osikwu village Awgbu.

Oyinye AgulTheuka was only 24 hours away from becoming a wife when death struck her tragically. Oyinye was allegedly stabbed to death in bed by her own father in the early hours of Thursday.

TheNation reports that the suspect, Cletus Aguluka, 60, was arrested by members of the community’s vigilance group while trying to flee the village moments after committing the offense.

Giving an account of the incident, mother of the deceased, Georgina, said the suspect returned home late on Thursday looking drunk. He asked for his torch from his children, none of whom gave him a satisfactory answer about its whereabouts.

The household thought it was all over and everybody went to bed. “We thought he had forgotten about the torch until he woke up around 1 o’clock in the night, went inside his room and brought out a machete and stabbed Onyinye who was fast asleep,” Georgina said.

The suspect’s younger brother, Sebastian Aguluka, said Cletus had lately indulged in molesting almost every member of the extended family.

Twin brothers of the deceased, Sochima and Chidera, said they had to leave home that night when they saw the way their father was behaving and they did not want to give him an excuse to molest them.

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